Top 10 Best Box Fans 2017

Almost everyone wants to save money on their heating and cooling bills, and using a fan can help people keep their home's indoor climate comfortable while staying on budget. There are many types of fans on the market that include lightweight base models, durable metal models and compact, high-tech versions that move incredible volumes of indoor air for superior comfort. Here are 10 of the best box fans that are designed to match a number of personal styles and performance requirements.
Best Box Fans
1. Holmes HBF2010A-WM Fan

The Holmes HBF2010A-WM box fan, a durable 20-inch metal construction unit that comes in colors like white, black and blue comes at No. 1 on our list of best box fans. The fan features a patented blade design that drives increased airflow, and users can choose from three fan speeds. Owners of the Holmes HBF2010A-WM Box Fan can clean the front grille and the fan blade by unscrewing the front grille of the unit. The manufacturer has even included feet that can be a…